Tailings and Spoils, Avoca, Co Wicklow

IMC'S TAILINGS AND SPOILS AVOCA, Co Wicklow (PL 3849 and PL 3850)

The Avoca mines have left a legacy of spoil heaps on the landscape, pollution in the river, and most importantly, metal that has been unrecoverable until now.

An Irish government commissioned report indicates the spoils (c.1m cubic meters spread over 28 ha) contain significant concentrations of copper (56-11,344 milligrams per kilogram [mg/kg]), zinc (44-7,404 mg/kg), lead (112-41,353 mg/kg), and arsenic (18-3,903 mg/kg). Analyses of seepage from the Mount Platt spoils (c 1m tons) indicate that the spoils are acid generating resulting in seeps with low pH (typically < 3) and very high concentrations of copper, zinc, iron and aluminium.

Kilmacoo prospect (Co. Wicklow) was identified by Riofinex in 1980s as having a resource of at least 300,000t at 1.5g/t Au, as confirmed by the Exploration and Mining Division of the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment.

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