Work by the Raw Materials Characterization Laboratory at Trinity College Dublin on the distribution of precious metals at IMC’s Avoca deposit and Kilmacoo gold prospect in Ireland continues

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IMC, in association with the Raw Materials Characterization Laboratory at Trinity College Dublin, is continuing studies on the precious metals to be found at IMC’s wholly-owned Avoca deposit and Kilmacoo gold prospect in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. The collaboration between the Raw Materials Research Group at Trinity College Dublin and IMC was announced on 24th September 2019. The aim of the continuing work is further to characterise the form and distribution of gold to assess the extent of syn-tectonic enrichment during the Caledonian Orogeny. IMC’s project represents an opportunity to apply a state-of-the-art microanalytical approach to a major, historical deposit which has significant exploration upside.  The study is refining the understanding of metal zonation and sulphide paragenesis within the Avoca orebodies and Kilmacoo Au prospect and it will allow the development of a robust mineral deposit model for gold mineralisation across the Avoca District in particular and South-East Ireland in general.


The project will contribute important mineral chemical data on sulphide phases hosting gold, benefiting exploration and supporting future metallurgical work on the mineralisation at Avoca and Kilmacoo.  

Eamon O’Brien commented, “It is significant that our Kilmacoo project at Avoca, Co. Wicklow is being worked on by the Raw Materials Characterization Laboratory of Trinity College Dublin. The presence of an inferred resource of gold, silver, lead, copper and zinc in the Avoca spoils’ and tailings’ project has already been set out in IMC’s Mineral Resource Estimate (“MRE”) announced on 11th September 2019, which was prepared in accordance with the JORC Code (2012). The MRE is of great significance to IMC, with the gold estimate alone coming in at 20,000 ozs. The microanalytical approach will also benefit and support our forthcoming metallurgical testing."

This regulatory release has been approved by Eur Geol Professor Garth Earls, PGeo, FSEG, who is an independent consulting geologist and a Competent Person as defined in the JORC 2012 reporting code.

Eamon P. O’Brien,
Executive Chairman,
5th November 2019

The Directors of IMC, after due and careful enquiry, accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.



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