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IMC holds 3 main projects in Ireland. The realisation of the potential of which will significantly enhance its asset base and shareholder value.

AVOCA, Co Wicklow (PL 3849 and PL 3850)

The Avoca mines have left a legacy of spoil heaps on the landscape, pollution in the river, and most importantly, metal that has been unrecoverable until now.

 An Irish government commissioned report indicates the spoils (c.1m cubic meters spread over 28 ha) contain significant concentrations of copper (56-11,344 milligrams per kilogram [mg/kg]), zinc (44-7,404 mg/kg), lead (112-41,353 mg/kg), and arsenic (18-3,903 mg/kg). Analyses of seepage from the Mount Platt spoils (c 1m tons) indicate that the spoils are acid generating resulting in seeps with low pH (typically < 3) and very high concentrations of copper, zinc, iron, and aluminium.

 IMC is currently listed on the Standard Segment of the Official List of the London Stock Exchange

(Ticker: IMC).


IMC’s North Wexford, Gold Project (PL 2551, PL 1200 & PL 1199)

Bonanza grade gold discovered during IMC drilling at Boley (PL 2551): 1.5 m grading 354 g/t within a 13.5 m interval averaging 3.5 g/t Au (applying 20 g/t top cut). Notable drill intercepts at PL 2551 of 0.72m @ 10g/t Au; 1.3m @ 3.81 g/t Au; 1.2m @8.3 g/t Au and 5m @ 2.4 g/t Au.
Based on the Koza report on legacy data review, we intend to implement its recommendations. IMC now holds three adjacent licence areas in North Wexford. PL 1200 and PL 1199 will add a further 53.98 Km sq to IMC's prospecting footprint in North Wexford.


IMC’s Zinc Project, Tulla Co. Clare (PL 3729)

Prospecting Licence Area 3729, Tulla, Co. Clare sits on an ENE striking mineralized structural trend that includes the Kilbricken deposit. Extensive drilling was carried out on this PL, and a further works programme is in place.
This resource estimate is the first for the Kilbricken deposit, and immediately ranks it as one of the top ten base metal deposits discovered in Ireland.
In recent weeks we have commenced our drilling programme on PL 3729, Tulla, Co.Clare. This licence area is adjoining the Kilbricken zinc deposit.

IMC is currently listed on the London Stock Exchange market (Ticker: IMC).

About IMC Exploration

IMC Exploration Group plc was incorporated in Ireland in June 2011 with a view to identifying precious and basemetal deposits in Ireland.


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