DJ IMC Exploration Group Plc Update on Base Metal Licences

IMC Exploration Group Plc 
                    ("IMC" or the "Company" or the "Group") 
                         Update on Base Metal Licences 
IMC is pleased to announce that its ten base metal licences have been reviewed 
and renewed by the Exploration and Mining Division of the Department of 
Communication, Minerals and Natural Resources. 
These include licences in Co. Clare (PL 3550, PL 3806, PL 3644 & PL 3729), Co. 
Tipperary (PL 3670, PL 3426 and PL 3677), Co. Roscommon (PL 2103 and PL3460), 
Tipperary and Offaly (PL3668). 
IMC has a works programme in place for these ten base metal licences and is 
currently in discussion with interested parties to progress this exploration. 
Chairman Liam McGrattan commented 'We believe zinc prices will start to 
appreciate towards the end of 2015 as several large zinc mines around the world 
become exhausted.  We believe this is the opportune time to exploit this 
The Directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement. 
Contact Details: 
IMC Exploration Group Plc 
Mr. Liam McGrattan 
Tel. Ireland: +353 87 2745427 
Keith Bayley Rogers & Co. Limited 
Mr. Hugh Oram 
Tel. +44 207 464 4090 
11th November 2015 
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  November 10, 2015 11:58 ET (16:58 GMT)

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