IMC’s Gold Prospecting Licences

Arklow map

  • IMC currently holds 5 prospecting licences on the East coast of Ireland in Co. Wexford (PL 2551) and Co. Wicklow  (PL 3850, PL3849, PL 3857 & PL 2239).
  • Exploration activities on these licences and selected results are set out below:
  • Bonanza grade gold discovered during IMC drilling at Boley (PL 2551): 1.5 m grading 354 g/t within a 13.5 m interval averaging 3.5 g/t Au (applying 20 g/t top cut).
  • notable drill intercepts at PL 2551 of 0.72m @ 10g/t Au; 1.3m @ 3.81 g/t Au; 1.2m @8.3 g/t Au and 5m @ 2.4 g/t Au.
  • Co. Wickow licences include the former Avoca Copper mine and highlights of previous exploration on these licences include drill intersections of 8.3m @ 10.1% Zn, 5.7% Pb, 0.48% Cu 284 g/t Ag and 10m @ 12.95 g/t Au.
  • Kilmacoo prospect (Co. Wicklow) was identified by Riofinex in 1980s as having a resource of at least 300,000t at 1.5g/t Au, as confirmed by the Exploration and Mining Division of the Department of Communications, Minerals and Natural Resources



Wexford overview

  • Mineralized in weathered zone including grades of 354g/t and 5m at 1g/t Au in bedrock.
  • Mineralized float returned gold values up to 8 g/t.
  • Stream sediments contained 3130, 2530 and 1490 ppb Au.


  • Drilling intersected g/t Au.
  • Shallow soil anomalies follow an ENE trend.


  • Surface quartz vein sample returned 18.24 g/t Au.
  • 295 g/t Au returned for mineralized float.
  • Drilling intersections of 0.7m@35 g/t Au and g/t Au.


  • 935g/t Au returned from a mineralized boulder.
  • Drilling intersections of 0.7m@10 g/t Au and g/t Au.
  • Fine gold noted in pan concentrates.

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