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Share Information

Company Info

IMC Exploration Group Company Number: 500487
Incorporated in Ireland on 27th June 2011
Shares in issue: 147, 291, 719
Percentage of shares in public hands: 89.55%

Significant shareholders

Harewood Nominees Limited 26,000,000
SVS (Nominees) Ltd Des: PRINCIPA 15,000,000
Wilhan Limited 6,400,000
JIM Nominees Des: JARVIS 5,121,249
The Bank of New York Nominees Ltd 4,500,000

About IMC Exploration

IMC Exploration Group plc was incorporated in Ireland in June 2011 with a view to identifying precious and basemetal deposits in Ireland. IMC the current holder of the prospecting licences at Avoca, covering licence areas 2239, 3849, 3850 and 3857.

Contact details

IMC Exploration Group plc,
70 Ballybough Road,
Dublin 3, Ireland

Telephone: +353 87-2745427

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