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About IMC Exploration Group plc

IMC Exploration Group plc (IMC) is focused on acquiring and exploring prospecting licence areas which they believe to have high potential for gold and base metal mineralization.

IMC is comprised of a team of geologists with extensive and wide-ranging experience working in mineral exploration in Ireland and throughout the world.  The team includes geologists with over 140 combined years working in the Irish Midlands and in particular working on the nature of the Irish Base Metal deposits. The vast experience and knowledge held by the board of IMC together with the generation of new exploration models and techniques has resulted in the forward moving IMC exploration program.

IMC is continually reviewing and acquiring new mineral exploration licences which they consider to have exploration potential as and when they become available.   Over the last three years IMC has been awarded twenty one mineral prospecting licences by the Irish Government, three gold and eighteen base metal licences.

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